Other programs
Visible Exhibition
One-day class
This one-day class is a special program where we make various artworks with Hanji as the subject. The value of Hanji, called “the paper of fire, sunlight, and wind,” is more valuable since it is handcrafted. Today is the time for you to create “your one and only Hanji artwork.”
This is another time for you to come across Hanji. You can learn art know-how and unconventional hanji + daily art recipe taught by Hanji professionals.
Culture and Art education
Kangwon Ggumdalak Saturday Culture School
Kangwon Ggumdalak Saturday culture school is Kangwon cultural foundation support project for out-of-school weekend culture and art education. It helps Child・Youth grow as a member of society who can accommodate various modern sociocultural issues, and gain cultural knowledge through self-directed positive culture and arts activities with family in everyday life outside of school.
Year of progress
2019, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013
Youth culture and art education
2020 Youth culture and art education is Kangwon-do office of education support project that Is targeted to youth. It is a process where hanji combines with culture and art education with the topic ‘Meeting hanji in everyday life program’ for youth to express what they have felt emotional about their flow of life with art. As a result, it contributes to forming a positive ego through improved creativity and development of sociality.
Year of progress
2020, 2018, 2017, 2016
Child culture and art education ‘Hanji culture and art planting the seeds’
Child culture and art education ‘Hanji culture and art planting the seeds’ is Kangwon cultural foundation support project targeted at child age 6~7. ‘Hanji culture and art planting the seeds’ help children narrow the distance on cultural art and develop creativity and sociality through five senses satisfaction programs that include culture and art activity consisting of modelling, installation, and investigation art.
Year of progress
2020, 2019
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